School of Promise Project

The School of Promise Project is a K - 12 academic initiative, whose building will be erected in the Bronx, and will make an initial offer to students residing in the Bronx and Harlem, NY. The focus of the School of Promise will be on providing a comprehensive curriculum that will be delivered in a rich social-emotionally supportive environment. Our curriculum will be culturally responsive and centered on the empowerment of  our youth by way of our instructional vision, which is to raise independent thinkers, thoughtful scholars, and reflective producers.    

The Urban Youth Initiative strives to provide the best possible services to the youth of the Bronx. This work can only continue with support from you.

The Urban Youth Initiative and the UYI of the Bronx welcomes the support of corporate sponsors and generous donors. 

The mission of the Urban Youth Initiative is to provide substantive support to inner-city youth via their schools [Read More]

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