Allow me to first thank you for taking the time to look over our site. Any help, any form of donation is appreciated. Our recipients will benefit from any type, color, size and gender type of school uniforms; black shoes or sneakers, any gender type; backpacks; school supplies; etc. We only ask that the footwear be new or unworn, for obvious hygienic reasons. As for clothing items, we do accept used items. We ask that the items be free from significant damages and that they be cleaned prior to shipping. You may have children that no longer fit their uniforms and/or coats and jackets, what better way to re-purpose these valuable items rather than discarding them but to send them to us. You will receive an official receipt for your gift.  


We are aware that many of you do not have children. We do accept monetary donations directly on our site.  However, If you are interested in donating via social mediajust click on the "go fund me" logo. You will be able to contribute any amount you feel comfortable. Thank you again. If you you feel comfortable leaving a testimony, we implore you to do so. It will be shared with the recipients and everyone visiting the site. You may send your testimonials under the "CONTACT" tab. 


Below you will be able to submit your donation. All donations are tax deductible. You are under no obligation to make a monetary contribution to our cause. However, if you do intend to donate a financial gift, you can donate any amount you are comfortable with by just clicking on the "Donate" button below. Physical items such as school supplies, clothes and shoes, etc. can be sent to our donation repository indicated below in the footer.


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